Menopause Symptom Relief

The best menopause symptom relief is to keep things simple and natural.

Eat balanced, stay active and monitor your health are your best assets to prevent osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

Power: the struggle continues!

More than ever to not make weight, you must monitor your plate as far as your balance. No way to live drastic rate regimes, especially as you metabolism changes with age.

After 60 years it is not the fat that melt when we lose weight, but muscles!

Eat balanced and beware of the hidden fats and sugars in fast pastries, cakes, biscuits, cakes and adjust the quantities of food to your physical activity.


Your best weapon: physical activity. According to researchers, those who practice physical activity would have 10 to 30% of breast cancers and less.

They also highlighted an increase in BMD (bone mineral density) in women practicing an exercise over a hour three times a week.

At least 30 minutes of daily physical activity seems the right tempo.

Activities to focus on

Swimming is recommended in case you have joint problem but is useless in the fight against osteoporosis. Moreover stretching, yoga, cycling and hiking are recommended to all.

Whatever your choice, talk to your doctor before any practice.

Medical attention: a necessity

Even if you do not follow specific treatment, even if everything goes well, the end of your fertility should under no circumstances sound the death knell for your follow-up gynecologic!

A consultation, a cervical smear and mammograms are needed regularly.

Cancer of the endometrium (uterine inside the body), breast cancer, and osteoporosis are diseases whose frequency increases with menopause.

And remember screening allows better treatment.