Before Menopause, Perimenopause

Reflecting the cessation of hormones production by the ovaries, the onset of menopause is difficult to identify with precision because the cessation of ovarian activity takes place gradually. Menopause is preceded by a period, which lasts an average of 3 to 4 years, where the ovaries begin to function less well. They talk about perimenopause to characterize this phase of women's lives that appears to 47 years on average, but sometimes sooner.

During perimenopause, ovulations are less well, leading to a first time on a deficit of production of progesterone, while the secretion of estrogen is preserved. Excess on estrogen compared to progesterone can cause swelling of the breasts or abdomen or weight gain. The menstrual cycle also tend to become increasingly irregular over time.

When approaching your fifties, the production of estrogen drops to turn and vaginal dryness and hot flashes may occur.