Five Tips for a Healthy Meal

You may think this is off topic but it is not, the way we feed ourselves can impact the menopause duration and the starting of perimenopause too and for our health, many of us must improve the way we feed ourselves to have a healthy and better life but many of us don't realise that keeping things natural and simple is the perfect way to achieve this.

Here are 5 tips that you can all put into practice very easily.

1) Complete bread or cereal bread

If you have trouble to choose between cereal bread and white bread, start by choosing once in two cereal bread for starting. When the taste become usual for you, vary the breads type you take. For sandwiches also prefer cereal bread. Ideally for breakfast, eat jam sandwiches for example, I know it seem hard the first time but it isn't.

2) To cook, drop the butter and margarine in favor of olive oil

You must know that butter and margarine, the more they are hard at room temperature, the more they aren't good for health. In other words the softer the better.

If necessary, use a reduced fat margarine or butter on your toast, rice or potatoes and your other recipes.

3) Use frozen and canned vegetables and fruit

Eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day is not easy, so enjoy the forms of conservation type freezing or canning. They maintain very well the nutritional qualities of food, because vegetables and fresh food in the tray quickly lose their vitamins...

Quick and easy to prepare, frozen and canned vegetables can also vary more often, whatever the season, so you have more choice.

4) Beware of dairy products...

Some cheeses bring a lot of fat. You must limit or even avoid them on some menus. If you eat enough fat meat for example, do not finish your meal with a piece that contain cheese like pizza, quiche, gratin, pasta with cheese, etc.., because they already contain cheese, so you do not need to add it to the end of the meal.

The dairy desserts are not all equal: a cream dessert for example does not mean yogurt. The first is more caloric, the cheese also compared to yogurt is more caloric.

5) Make efforts to change your menus

The food must therefore be balanced and varied. No food is bad; it is the excesses that are harmful. Meanwhile, each food is unique and provides different nutrients and different proportion.

A good way for varying food is to reduce the proportions in order to have a complete and rich diet. A traditional meal for example must be composed of: entry + flat (meat, fish or vegetables + egg) + cheese + salad + dessert. But to achieve this variety on a daily basis without weight, it is necessary to make small portions.


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January 8, 2009 at 1:52 PM

Also drink plenty of water and stay away from alcohol.