Hormonal Treatment Of Menopause

Risks demonstrated ... in 2002, the publication of a U.S. study called WHI (for Women's Health Initiative) was the effect of a thunderclap in the sky for the treatment of menopause. Since European and French, study have prompted health authorities to revise on downwards the guidance of hormonal treatment of menopause. But specifically, what attitude to adopt towards treatment when a woman is experiencing menopause

Tailor the treatment

"Today, treatment are reserved primarily for women suffering from climacteric, ie hot flashes, joint pain, from vaginal dryness, etc.. They take "sometime", time disturbances, generally 4 to 5 years. And the ideal combination of hormones is an estrogen administered through the skin (patch or gel) that adding natural progesterone (Utrogestan or the one of its generic tablets). " Another proposal experts, the tibolone (Livial), a hormone replacement therapy for menopause alone to estrogen and progestin effects at the same time, effective bursts of heat and the bone without the disadvantages of hormone replacement therapy ( TSH) "classic" on the breast.

What is the real risk?

The Strategy of HRT is based on the results of a number of studies. Thus, hormones surrogates are taking a risk of phlebitis and / or pulmonary embolism which we know are due to estrogen take tablets. Then heart disease, which are linked to the type of progestin: "The molecule chosen by the Americans is very little used in France for example"

Finally, the third risk is breast cancer, confirmed by all studies. But it seems that the TSH reveals cancer rather than creates it, and ultimately, the mortality rate is the same as taking HRT or not. Perhaps it would be even better prognosis when receiving HRT because their breast cancers are different and / or they are better used on ... What is certain is that women who don ' have not received progestin, because their uterus was removed in the past did not have breast cancer. And two hormones, natural progesterone and tibolone, have proved so far without any disadvantage for the breast. The second is also tested for 3 years in the "worst" conditions, in women who have had breast cancer.

Finally, if we analyse all recent work, the treatment of menopause would have a positive effects when it is given just after menopause, not after 60 years, as was the case in the WHI study TSH which was administered to prevent the consequences of aging.



May 3, 2011 at 10:47 AM

Am I going through the beginnings of menopause?

I am 37. For the past three months, my period have diminished from 3 days and moderate to 1 day and very pale. Also in that time frame, I have have frequent hot flashes that start in my stomach