Fertility And My Chance To Get Pregnant

What is fertility?
Fertility is the ability of a woman to get pregnant, and therefore to conceive a child. Women are fertile from the moment they have there menstrual cycle at the time of puberty, until the menstrual period disappear with menopause. Doctors believe that a disorder of fertility may be present when a couple fails to make a child after a year of testing.

What are the factors influencing fertility?

The first factor to consider is that of age, since fertility declines with him. Fertility in a woman begins to decline between 20 years and 30-35 years, then more seriously decreases from 35 years before being very low see zero between 45 years and the advent of menopause. The age occupies an important place on fertility because ovulation and uterine lining that fix itself in the embryo deteriorate over the years.

The fertility depends on your lifestyle: smoking, alcohol, cannabis or caffeine may affect the chances to conceive a child, women who do not use all of this have better chance to get pregnant from women who smoke or who drink daily.

Another very important factor is whether the contact with toxic substances (radiation, pesticides, solvents ...) which may lead to sterility.

Stress is also one of the elements influencing fertility: a woman relaxed and serene willing to make a child will be pregnant soon better than a woman undergoing stress in his daily work or in her everyday life.

The last factor affecting fertility is, of course, the frequency of sex: women who make love only a few months will not have the same chances to conceive a child than those who make love several times a week.

How to put all the chances of your side?
Clearly, if after several months of test you do not see a pregnancy symptom, sit and learn to relax in the evening while returning from work, or go get a massage.

Throw away all harmful products, whether cigarettes or alcohol, and replace the coffee with fruit juice. Be sure to have a balanced and varied diet (meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products ...) and regular (do not skip meals and avoid nibbling), and think of you moisturize. Finally, put yourself in regular physical activity and remember to make love!