Why Libido Is Affected?

Menopause lead to a decrease in hormonal secretion, therefore sexual desire is affected.

In addition, menopause causes drying of the vaginal lining, a decrease of lubrication, and thus pain at the moment of penetration.

Given this, what should we do? Firstly, if you are affected, you must not hesitate to talk about it to your partner to avoid misunderstandings and frustration. You should also talk to your doctor, who may suggest medical solutions (hormonal creams).

In addition, it is possible that the decline of libido is not 100% related to the hormonal drop. You must therefore wonder about your mood in general. Stress or family conflict for example, can have negative consequences on the libido. In addition, it may also be accompanied by a more general disinterest in usual activities, and sometimes be a sign of depression.